Schools’ Chess

Sarah Hegarty Chess School clubs are extremely popular and are designed to provide the perfect introduction to chess for children. We cater for all levels – but typically children will start in ‘beginner’ classes and as they progress we will step up the level as appropriate.

In school clubs our trainers will teach a variety of lessons to introduce new concepts and strategies. But ultimately chess is a game which needs to be played so we focus a lot on active participation, having fun and playing lots of chess!

All children in our clubs will be offered the opportunity to take part in local and national competitions including the UK Chess Challenge (“The World’s Largest Chess Competition”) and the English Primary Schools national championships. These competitions are a fantastic entry point to the ‘world of competitive chess’ and also provide fantastic publicity for the schools.

Schools in our program

As at July 2018 “Sarah Hegarty Chess” currently operate in the following schools in Cheshire